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Fall sake tasting events: Pick your region!

As soon as the muggy summer weather magically changes to drier clear fall air, you know what that means.

Ultimate summer food and sake pairing: Part 2

I loved everything that night, but I have such a soft spot for Kochi from my trip to Kami-no-kae. My favorite pairing for the night was a bit of lightly-warmed Tsukasa Continued from my previous post: Ultimate summer food and sake paring – Part 1…

Botan Hacchu Funasaku with katsuo-no-tataki. I was lucky to be sitting next to my sake otaku friend who always has his low-tech portable kan gadget to warm up the brew. Grilled hoya with Urakasumi Junmai Nama was a tie. What’s your favorite?

Ultimate summer food and sake pairing: Part 1

What do the brewers pick for food to match with their sake?
The other day, I was at an event at Takara, Yurakucho, where ten breweries from all around Japan brought their sake and their local food that’s in season. They plan to have similar events every throughout the year in Tokyo.

Dangerous sake?

Once in a while, you may see a sake bottle with bright red letters warning “Kiken-na sake”. At the last Ichibe monthly kikizake-kai featuring Chiyomusubi, we learned how dangerous sake can be tamed when the proper precautions are taken.

Fall Food and Sake Tasting Menu with Tatsuriki

Once a year in October, Tatsuriki has a very special sit-down dinner pairing their sake with very nice Japanese food. This Tokyo event is something I truly look forward to; it serves as one of my signals that autumn has begun, or it is sake season. Tatsuriki is a very popular brew and is frequently […]

New events for sake and Et-chan

After returning from our trip to Indonesia this summer, I put all my new energy and focus into a new business project, kicked-off the web site, and started a simple, new Japan photo blog for all my travels. That kept me busy at the keyboard, but away from Tokyofoodcast. If you were thinking that maybe […]

Kubi 5 Ro

When I stopped at the Tokyu Foodshow in Shibuya last week, I spotted Kaiun‘s crown jewel bottles, to-bin dori daiginjo that hold Toji’s name, Hase Shokichi label, wrapped in a thin white paper and carefully stocked in the refrigerator. Whenever I see this bottle in a shop, I can’t help myself but pause for a […]

Tank Number Matters

Musashino Shuzo’s annual shinshu or new sake tasting dinner the other day started with a really tough quiz. As the guests arrived, we were asked to sit down and try four honjozo bottles in a completely blind tasting. Our first task for the night was to pick SkiI Masamune out of the four. This sake […]

World Sake Meetup (or parts of it) meets in Niigata

Back in February, I found out this year’s Niigata Sake-no-jin was on March 15 and 16. Since Te-chan and I were going to be in Koriyama visiting Kinpou Shuzou on the 15th, I thought to make a grand circle and go to Niigata from Fukushima. At the time, I thought some members of the Tokyo […]

You are what you drink?

At the November Mitsuya benkyokai, Takase-sensei tried out a new tasting method on the group. He placed four glasses of sake in front of us and told us to guess what each of these four 720 ml bottles were priced at. Guessing grades is always a fun game, but price? Gee, I don’t know. All […]

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