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Thank you for the Shizuoka mystery sake!

Dear Robert-Gilles, Thank you for sending us, Tokyo Sake Geeks, two wonderful bottles of Shizuoka mystery sake. Although, I was the one who called ourselves sake geeks before, looking at some pictures, I thought the name is a poor fit for this tasting group from last weekend. Tokyo Sake Babes? Too cheesy. Tokyo Sake Chicks? [...]

Cyber Tasting II

The Second Trans Pacific Cyber Tasting was organized by Tim @ UrbanSake, Valerie @ The Sake Diaries, Rick and Hiroko @ Itadakimasu, in the US and Melinda @ Tokyo through the drinking glass, Robert-Gilles @ Shizuoka Sake in Japan. Hiroko was kind enough to do the research on availability in the US and presented excellent [...]

Mystery Sake from Shizuoka

Robert-Gilles, you have the power, you have the key to this mystery…. Everyone at the tasting is dying to know what those three bottles were. Our Shizuoka sake guru, Robert-Gilles at Shizuoka Sake, kindly sent us, the Tokyo sake geeks (me and Melinda), these three bottles without the labels. So, the only thing we knew [...]

Our first B.Y.O.S Tasting

Merry Xmas! Inspired by Tim’s B.Y.O.S (Bring Your Own Sake) tasting, six sake connoisseurs in Tokyo gathered at our favorite neighborhood okonomiyaki place, Kurobee, on Sunday, 17 December. The restaurant is run by a very nice couple we have known for over 5 years. Little did they know the group of people they were going [...]

Cyber Tasting

The Trans-Pacific, multipolar, international Cyber Sake Tasting was organized by three sake enthusiast bloggers; Tim of Urbansake.com, Melinda of Tokyo through the drinking glass, and Valerie of The Sake Diaries. Thanks to Melinda, I joined this wonderful tasting from Tokyo on October 21st with Te-chan and three friends. The Cyber Tasting rules were quite simple: [...]


Sakaguchi, a Toji who learned the craft of sake brewing from two of the four Noto Toji Shien-o: Naruse of Kaiun and Nouguchi from Jokigen, creates one of the best sake. We were at Ichibe for tasting event where they had 11 different kinds of Sogen. As you can imagine, after 11 kinds of sake [...]

Yuki No Bosha

Yuki No Bosha is by far my favorite sake. It is really good sake to begin with. When I learned how they make their sake, I was really stunned how they take a “craftsman” approach to the whole process. “Ultimate craftsman sake” is what I think of Yuki No Bosha as- by that, mean a [...]


In January, we tried something new and went to the sake tasting at Ichibe in Ogikubo. Just like at Mitsuya Sake Tasting Takase-sensei leads the tasting and gives a lecture on sake. In January, the topic for the lecture was “Tales of Sake Drinkers” where we learned a great deal about long history of sake [...]

“BORN” is No. 1

This sake is as unique and exciting as its maker, Kato Kichibei.

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