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Sake of the week #016: Azuma Rikishi brewed in 1987 … in a can?

Azuma Rikishi Honjozo in a can, brewed in 1987 Tim at UrbanSake.com is going to be running his special week-long cup sake promotion starting July 13. As a big cup sake fan, I am so looking forward to seeing what he is going to feature all week, and just from his sneak previews and pictures, […]

Sake of the week #004: Ai-no-sawa Kyokujo

Aizawa-toji at the Tochigi event I met Aizawa-toji last year and I was really impressed by her as a brewer with solid dedication to her own sake. As she put it, “I do not want to be called onna-no-ko and I have to prove it.” Her brewing style is very sturdy. Her sake has lots […]

Sawahime: True local sake from Tochigi

Young Inoue toji (Master Brewer) from Sawahime believes in true local sake and having fun. He believes that local sake should be made with local rice and yeast by local brewers to be “true” local sake or jizake. He also thinks sake making should be fun and enjoyable. Thus, that element is bottled up with […]

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