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Tokyo Sake Meetup vs Smile Nihonshu #8

We held the sixteenth in our series of Sake Meetups in and around Tokyo. Sometimes we do go for a kura visit nearby or in Tokyo. We’ve even had one Meetup in Niigata. We try to alternate between the somewhat seriously educational and the lighter fun version. This time was reggae plus nihonshu. What? Nihonshu? Not some other, greener intoxicant?

Taste of Shimane

Back in October 2007, I went to a Shimane Sake Tasting that featured 13 brewers from this part of San’in presenting their best in Tokyo. Melinda and I were both really impressed by what these Shimane brewers offered and I went home thinking about a trip to the source to visit some of the kura […]

World Sake Meetup (or parts of it) meets in Niigata

Back in February, I found out this year’s Niigata Sake-no-jin was on March 15 and 16. Since Te-chan and I were going to be in Koriyama visiting Kinpou Shuzou on the 15th, I thought to make a grand circle and go to Niigata from Fukushima. At the time, I thought some members of the Tokyo […]

Tokyo Sake Meetup: B.Y.O.S

Tokyofoodcast has been hosting a couple sake meetups over the last 6 months and for the first time, we had a Bring Your Own Sake (B.Y.O.S.) party. Picking a bottle for a tasting can be tough, so there was an option to pay a small fee instead of bringing a bottle. Surprisingly, well, but totally […]

Junior Sake Samurai Find Their Regular Izakaya

The Official Sake Samurai title went to our sake friend Tim at Urbansake for all his much appreciated devotion to sake and culture. When he was in the ancient capital, Kyoto, did he have any idea that a band of junior samurai from the wild-wild-east, the infamous Tokyo Sake Meetup group, would be running around […]

Good-bye, Ginjo Kura 66

We hosted the third Tokyo Sake Meetup at Ginjo Kura 66 on Saturday, October 13th. Call me lazy for hosting three Meetups in a row at the same spot, but I got really good responses about the place from everyone who attended in the past. For one thing, the sake is so reasonably priced–300 to […]

Tokyo Sake Meetup meets Glorious Mt. Fuji

I love sake, but not in 40 degree heat with that burning sun piercing holes through my skin. Last Wednesday, I did my share of BBQ and sake in the middle of the day, but I felt I was the one sizzling on the grill and the sake became warm nuru-kan immediately after pouring it. […]

First Tokyo Sake Meetup Event

In the midst of Typhoon #4 that was about to hit Tokyo, fearless sake enthusiasts got together at Ginjo Kura 66 for the first Tokyo Sake Meetup. In the pouring rain, the bar still managed to get good traffic for an early Saturday evening, but somehow, we managed to be the loudest group at the […]

The Tokyo Sake Meetup is here, finally!

Click here to check outThe Tokyo Sake Meetup Group! I always thought it would be great to organize a tasting with a bunch of people. After giving this some thought and looking for the best way to set something up, I found out there was no sake Meetup in Tokyo, of all places! We can’t […]

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