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The Light of Hope

To kickstart the return of our long lost Tokyofoodcast site, I thought to share this short video about miracle sake we tasted at John Gauntner and Robert Yellin’s seminar at the end of April. This sake brewed by Hitakami in Ishinomaki was left in the tank untouched for two weeks after the disaster.

Sake of the week #050: Kinkon Junmai Usu-nigori

Kinkon Junmai Usu-nigori “Are there any breweries in Tokyo?” Not only visitors from overseas, but even locals ask this question with a tone that tells me they expect a “No”. That’s my favorite moment to come back and respond, “Actually, we have some really good sake breweries in Tokyo….” Last Monday was the monthly tasting […]

FIFA World Cup vs Nihonshu Slideshows

Our good friend Damon over at Languagecaster.com-English Through Football has posted a fun game review with comments and photos. Don’t worry. It is safe for non-rabid football supporters. We’re glad he could bring some football knowledge to the event. Check out Damon’s slideshow and review. Et-chan’s slides are here too.

Tokyofoodcast’s fastfood lunch picks under ¥400

The other day, I was sitting at CoCo Ichi for a quick lunch and realized that ¥400 could can get me a relatively decent lunch around Tokyo. So, I decided to pull together a post with my fast food lunch picks under ¥400. Just because I’m being cheap, doesn’t mean I don’t have some standards…

Dine on shojin ryori in temples near Tokyo

If you are not ready to take the plunge and spend a day or more at a monastery, there are a couple places you can go to more casually enjoy this special meal in a temple environment. I think the whole experience becomes more than just the meal, such as you might get at a restaurant.

Yamaso-Oyster Wholesaler at Ota Shijo

So, where to buy raw oysters year-round in Tokyo? When the great oyster bar bargains are over, and if you can shuck your own oysters, Yamaso is the place. This oyster wholesaler sits right in the Suisan-to, or the warehouse like building for handling the marine products, at the Ota Shijo. They specialize in imported […]

Ota Wholesale Market: A Great Tsukiji Alternative

Back in the midst of the Norovirus scare that spread across the whole nation, we went ahead and planned an oyster dinner for some friends at home anyway. But during that winter of 2007 it appeared that raw oysters had simply disappeared completely from markets and restaurants because a health report from the government somewhat […]

Is Tsukiji Wholesale Market Open to the Public?

Photo: Sign at Tsukiji A while back,I picked up a printed Tsukiji Vistor’s Guide in English issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale market at Tsukiji Seimon entrance. After searching for an official site listing the actual rules for visiting Tsukiji and I could not find any, so I went back to the brochure. The brochure […]

Attention to all oyster lovers in Tokyo!

Photo: Tokyo Oyster Bar in Gotanda July seems like the time for great bargains, well, for oyster lovers. If you feel like raw oysters and cool wine, there are several specials in July in Tokyo. 1. Tokyo Oyster Bar in Gotanda Tokyo Oyster Bar in Gotanda is having a special campaign until July 31, 2009. […]

3,000 Tuna A Day At Tsukiji

At Tsukiji While I was working on a post about Tsukiji for Nihon Sun, I got really curious about how much seafood moves through that giant market each day. Finding the monthly sales results at Tsukiji was easy. It’s a matter of public information and the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market publishes the data monthly. So, […]

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