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You are what you drink?

At the November Mitsuya benkyokai, Takase-sensei tried out a new tasting method on the group. He placed four glasses of sake in front of us and told us to guess what each of these four 720 ml bottles were priced at. Guessing grades is always a fun game, but price? Gee, I don’t know. All […]

Zen birthday lunch

Shojin ryori at Sanko-in Since we moved to Tokyo, every year around October, I plan a mystery dinner or lunch out for Te-chan’s birthday. Mystery in the sense that he has no idea where I am taking him. This year, I made a lunch reservation at Sankoin Temple in Musashi Koganei, famous for its Kyoto […]

Junior Sake Samurai Find Their Regular Izakaya

The Official Sake Samurai title went to our sake friend Tim at Urbansake for all his much appreciated devotion to sake and culture. When he was in the ancient capital, Kyoto, did he have any idea that a band of junior samurai from the wild-wild-east, the infamous Tokyo Sake Meetup group, would be running around […]

Rules of Tsukiji Fish Market

For a while, our site has been focusing on sake and has not lived up to our “Tokyofoodcast” name or our dorky phrase “Et-chan and Te-chan eat Tokyo” you find under the title. For the last 8 months, I have been thinking about blogging about food here in Japan, especially fish and regional food I […]

Azabu Juban-Roppongi-Hiroo Sake Store: Sakaya Kurihara

Sakaya Kurihara Web Site (in Japanese only). Just a few quick notes on this wonderful, oft-quoted, sake shop, tucked away in a very quiet Motoazabu neighborhood. Once, I timed which station is the quickest out of three, Azabu Juban, Roppongi, or Hiroo. I believe Azabu Juban was the closest, but takes about 8 minutes from […]


Peter Bellars has an amazing shot of the kind of baroquely sculpted latte foam that some cafes go for here in Tokyo. Take a look at some of his other photos as well for some food shots such as and some other stylish pics from around Tokyo.

Our first B.Y.O.S Tasting

Merry Xmas! Inspired by Tim’s B.Y.O.S (Bring Your Own Sake) tasting, six sake connoisseurs in Tokyo gathered at our favorite neighborhood okonomiyaki place, Kurobee, on Sunday, 17 December. The restaurant is run by a very nice couple we have known for over 5 years. Little did they know the group of people they were going […]

In the real world

Friday, December 8th was a very special day. For the first time, after the cyber tasting and exchanging email messages, three bloggers, Melinda who lives in Tokyo, Valerie from St. Paul and I enjoyed our first tasting at Buri in Ebisu, along with friends and family mentioned in their blogs. Hopefully, we can do this […]

Match made in heaven:Tatsuriki-Lebanese food?

I love Tatsuriki. I love Lebanese food. So, if two are put together, what would happen? When I heard about a charity event hosted by Sakaya Kurihara on November 4th to pair Tatsuriki with Lebanese food catered by Lebanon Cafe, the first word that came to mind was “How?”. Then I thought of sesame, lemon, […]

Roppongi: Tokyo Halal Foods–Halal, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and African Foods

Tokyo Halal Foods Address:#101 President Roppongi Bldg. 3-2-16 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Description: International Halal Food TEL: 03-3470-3484 Hours: 10:00 am -10:00 pm map Located next to Roppongi Hills, between Iranian Restaurant Aladdin and AM/PM, Tokyo Halal Foods offers a wide range of foods. The shop has been at this location for two years, but I […]

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