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Become a fugu chef in Tokyo?

“The test is coming up soon and chefs are getting ready,” one wholesaler confirmed.

Hmm… So, you can practice to take a test to be a licensed fugu chef? Well, actually regulations do not make it so easy for just anyone to treat the deadly puffer fish

Is Tsukiji Wholesale Market Open to the Public?

Photo: Sign at Tsukiji A while back,I picked up a printed Tsukiji Vistor’s Guide in English issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale market at Tsukiji Seimon entrance. After searching for an official site listing the actual rules for visiting Tsukiji and I could not find any, so I went back to the brochure. The brochure […]

3,000 Tuna A Day At Tsukiji

At Tsukiji While I was working on a post about Tsukiji for Nihon Sun, I got really curious about how much seafood moves through that giant market each day. Finding the monthly sales results at Tsukiji was easy. It’s a matter of public information and the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market publishes the data monthly. So, […]

Where to go for morning eats in Tsukiji?

This is the question I have not had the right answer for yet. I was taking a guest to Tsukiji the other morning to see the market. As we wandered around, she asked “Can we go for sushi?” It was 8:30 in the morning. I replied, “Sushi? Well, I don’t think we can get in. […]

Tsukiji jogai events

Tsukji shows two faces to the world. First is jonai, the giant, enclosed wholesale fish and vegetable market area–this is what most people think of as Tsukiji. But, there is also jogai, this includes all of the shops and restaurants running down the streets adjoining the regular wholesale market. It is easy to focus on […]

Now that’s a knife!

If you’ve ever been to Tsukiji, you’ve probably seen some seriously big knives. The fishmongers wield their long, sharp blades with such speed and aplomb that you might not get a really good look at them. Now you can. I discovered some excellent photos of tuna knives from a small shop in Tsukiji by Tony […]

Rules of Tsukiji Fish Market

For a while, our site has been focusing on sake and has not lived up to our “Tokyofoodcast” name or our dorky phrase “Et-chan and Te-chan eat Tokyo” you find under the title. For the last 8 months, I have been thinking about blogging about food here in Japan, especially fish and regional food I […]

Tsukiji Market: Looking for Vegetables?

This is my adventure at Tsukiji Market looking for hard to find vegetables.

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