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Please join the Sake World Sake Brewery Tour to San-in!

The destinations are totally off the beaten track, but I am sure you will find the slow pace of life there, the welcoming people, and the green scenery dotted with red gorgeous roof tiles very heartwarming. On our tour, you will experience the San-in region through sake, by going right to the best sources and by really getting an understanding of the brew from the world’s best expert!

San’in Trip: Day Five-Yubaaba in Yunotsu

A tale from Yunotsu … Somehow, one of the ladies started to tell me stories from her childhood–how she thinks of her father who died from over-working and how she wanted to give back to her mom great things her mom had given her, but her mom passed away a long time ago. I still have a vivid picture of this lady with totally gray hair bundled up soaking in the tub, sitting in front the frog as hot water dripped down with a soothing sound. When she broke into tears, I felt empathy, but at the same time my mind drifted off to a kind of ‘Spirited Away’ feeling as if I was being put under a spell by Yubaaba!

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