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Sake of the week #037: SakéOne on Basic Brewing Video

Et-chan and Te-chan are on hiatus this week. That means we are traveling around with no sake to try. But this is the perfect time to share something really fun and interesting we found online recently. I’ve been watching the Basic Brewing Video Podcast for years. James and Steve are great fun to watch and hit just the right balance of fun and brewing otakuness as they explore fermentation and food. As you might guess from the name, the focus is on beer, but they like to branch out now and then too with podcasts on mead and even sake.

This two part series on the SakéOne brewery of Forest Grove, Oregon is definitely worth watching. It was very interesting to compare their very modern kura differs from a traditional old brewery building. The tasting room at the end of the second video takes a lot from typical winery tasting rooms–right down to using wine glasses, not small chokko for tasting. That probably went very well as a way to concentrate the aromas of the nigori and genshu they were serving.

These videos give a very clear introduction to sake brewing but also have some tips for people who already know their way around a sake brewery. In particular, Jennifer Brownstein’s use of the term “cask strength” to talk about genshu seemed a neat way of applying the vocabulary of another variety of brewing to explain this kind of sake. I always wind up in a long digression about alcohol and water when trying to explain genshu.

Now, we just have to see if we can get some while we’re here in the States!


3 Responses to “Sake of the week #037: SakéOne on Basic Brewing Video”

  1. So glad to see you sharing the videos from basicbrewing.com. We’re proud of their work and Jennifer’s presentation. You caught the use of wine glasses in our tasting room. We recommend using wine glasses if you want the full experience of saké. O-chokko’s are nice and authentic but they are not the best presentation of fine sake. The small cups don’t allow for the best expression of aroma which has big impact on taste, and doesn’t allow for easy check of color and clarity. Plus, for Americans, o-chokko’s are like shot glasses which imply fast drinking and hot saké. Wine glasses imply something better, more premium and worthy of enjoyment.

    Hope you can find a bottle of G and if you find yourself in Oregon please come visit us.

    Posted by Dewey | January 5, 2010, 2:48 am
  2. Hi @Dewey,

    We will most definitely stop for a visit if/when we get to Oregon. A visit has been on my list for too long…

    I see what you mean about the wine glasses. Probably much better for video as well. Viewers could really see the sake well. Those guys at Basic Brewing always do an excellent job. I hope they visit you again or at least do a little bit of sake now and then in the future.

    Afraid I didn’t find any G, but it was a very quick trip. Next time!

    Posted by Te-chan | January 7, 2010, 12:55 pm


  1. […] the end of the second video of the tour at SakéOne in Oregon on Basic Brewing when they are in the tasting room, their Moonstone Raspberry Sake caught my attention. At first, I […]

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