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Sake of the Week #051: Azuma-ichi Daiginjo Nama

Note playground in the background:
Do not attempt to use recreational equipment after
consuming nihonshu!

I keep coming up with great summer nihonshu. Or, more correctly, it is hot as blazes here in Tokyo and somehow that brings out the best refreshing sake. This week’s was graciously provided by O—–sensei.

About once a month or so I get together with a group of teachers from around Japan to work on a faculty development project. We gather in Tokyo from all over the country: from Tohoku to Kyushu. It is my good luck that many of them are nihonshu otaku just like me. When we are done wracking our brains over how to improve English teaching, we close the books and head outside for what our non-imbibing colleagues have termed “The Homeless Party”. Everyone takes turns bringing an interesting bottle. We grab a few paper cups from the office and go sit in the park and enjoy a sip or three while the sun goes down. Besides the ready availability of a wide range of good sake, Japan (unlike the US) is quite flexible about where and when you may consume it. Very civilized!

O—–sensei’s pick was just right for the season. I tend to be less of a daiginjo fan but this was a treat from the south. Brewed by Gochouda Shuzo in Saga from Yamadanishiki milled to a very fine 39% (Thank you!) this bottle full of gentle fruitiness was delicious and the fine bubbles in this special nama bottle were just thing on a hot summer evening. I think it was the beautiful freshness of this unpasteurized bottle that really added to the appeal for me. Everyone enjoyed this one, even some of the less enthusiastic members who prefer winer to sake. We were all quite happy to be “homeless” this week.

The transparent blue bottle prepared us for a delights inside. Unfortunately, I only had my phone with me to grab a quick pic, but if you want to see more, the brewery website is beautifully designed. It is in Japanese only, but worth a look around for the design and images.

Links to Gochouda Brewing 五町田酒造

  • Front page with very snazzy mouse-over image highlights
  • Azuma-ichi Products Page (Including Daiginjo, but not this nama version)
  • Contact information and blog
  • Finally, the all-important shoplist. This is probably worth a visit just for the collection of links to liquor stores who carry this fine sake. In addition to the expected names like Hasegawa, you might just find a new sake shop to explore.


4 Responses to “Sake of the Week #051: Azuma-ichi Daiginjo Nama”

  1. Hmm…so this is your “late evening meetings”, huh?

    Posted by Et-chan | August 10, 2010, 9:02 am
  2. I’m kinda fixated on Saga sake recently, so it’s nice to see you got this.
    Woody and I went to Ishii in Shinbashi last night – great place, thanks for the recommendation.

    Posted by Jon | August 25, 2010, 11:06 am
  3. Saga does have some goooood sake. Colleagues sent me a bottle from Nabeshima as a special “thanks” for helping them on a project. Will open it up soon. I see that you had some Amabuki at Akaoni recently.

    Anything else from Saga you can suggest?

    Posted by Te-chan | August 26, 2010, 1:55 pm


  1. […] just before we left for Joy of Sake and it has been on my mind ever since. In particular, since Jon commented recently how he seemed to be on a roll with sake from Saga, I thought I’d pull this one out of the […]

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