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Sorry for the intrusion, but scammers such as Jams dot tv abound

I don’t want to give Jams any more exposure by linking to them, but at least one site is stealing the content of this blog (and many others with Japan-centered content). They just reproduce our blog posts and strip off the names and links in some misguided attempt to get more Google juice.

In most cases, I don’t really care if people copy and redistribute our content, just as long as they do it honestly by linking back to the original and not pretending to be the authors.

“Scrapers” just copy the content of the RSS feed or site without even so much as a “Hello!”

It may be pointless to fight these scum, but I’ve installed a new plugin that appends a nasty copyright message to the RSS feed. Another way to stop this abuse is to use truncated feeds, but I like reading full feeds of the blogs I follow, so I like sending out my own full feed too.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy Tokyofoodcast–no matter how you found our writing. Thanks!


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