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Tokyo Sake Meetup vs Smile Nihonshu #8

Two weekends ago, we held the sixteenth in our series of Sake Meetups in and around Tokyo. Sometimes we do go for a kura visit nearby or in Tokyo. We’ve even had one Meetup in Niigata. We try to alternate between the somewhat seriously educational and the lighter fun version. This time was reggae plus nihonshu. What? Nihonshu? Not some other, greener intoxicant?

As you can see [Update: from the reloaded video], Smile Nihonshu definitely falls in the latter category. I think Et-chan first found it linked to from a kurabito blog, but however she found it, it has turned into a regular event for the two of us. After attending a few times, we decided to bring the whole gang this year. Smile is definitely a welcoming event for people who want to just enjoy some good sake in a very relaxed and fun bar without any pretension.

That isn’t to say that the sake isn’t deserving of careful attention too. The Smile coordinators always assemble a great menu of brews and bring in people from the breweries to join the party and pour drinks. You’ll meet young, progressive brewery owners, toji, and line workers here and get a chance to talk with them–if you can get a word in over the crowd! Smile is meant to peel away the old-man-with-his-one-cup image and let the real appeal of quality nihonshu come through to a new crowd on their own terms.

And they have good sake. Yumegokoro and Naraman are regulars at this series of parties along with their company president, Shoji-san. He’s a big supporter and always works hard behind the bar and has fun mixing with the crowd too. Where else can you get a glass of trendy Jyuyondai for ¥400? And if you want to experience something new, they have that too. I made a new discovery I especially liked: Murayuu from Niigata.

Don’t take my word for it, check out more pics on their blog (Japanese only) where they call upon one and all to–Respect the power of Nihonshu! Look for Volume 9 in April on the Smile 日本酒 homepage, or we’ll be sure to announce it here.


3 Responses to “Tokyo Sake Meetup vs Smile Nihonshu #8”

  1. Nice. I love this . I hope you consider me for a link exchange

    Posted by tony | February 15, 2009, 11:37 pm
  2. Hi Tony, Thanks! I must have sent you a message back instead of commenting here.

    Posted by Et-chan | February 24, 2009, 11:45 pm


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